Here's Our Best Look Yet at the New Rolls-Royce Ghost

The new Rolls-Royce Ghost will debut in a couple months, but the brand is already talking about what defines it.

a cartoon version of the new rolls royce ghost luxury sedan

Rolls-Royces don't age like regular cars; they mature like fine wines. Okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but it is safe to say that they exist on a much slower lifespan than many other luxury cars. A Rolls-Royce isn't about being fastest or most technologically advanced; it's about quietly, yet firmly, stating your status as, to quote Mick Jagger, a man of wealth and taste.

So when an all-new Roller rolls out of the factory for the first's a big deal. Hence, the crew from Crewe's decision to slow-reveal the all-new Ghost, which is set to debut this fall. And while spy shots have already captured the car in its camouflaged glory, the carmaker has also begun teasing it through a series of short videos.

As you can see in the glimpses provided by the video below, the new Ghost will, well, look an awful lot like the existing version. Expect it to be a little more minimalist and streamlined, though, at least on the outside. As both Rolls-Royce designer Henry Cloke explains in the voiceover and CEO Torsten Müller-Ötvös said in an open letter, the Ghost team was inspired by the them of "post opulence" — basically, that the sort of folks who buy Rolls-Royces new from the factory don't want their luxury products as flashy as they once did.

In the case of the new Ghost's design, that meant stripping away extraneous lines from the exterior, making it as minimalist as possible without erasing the distinctive character or specific style that makes a Rolls a Rolls. (You can see a little more of the new car, albeit in cartoon form, in the video below.)

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Expect to see more details trickle out about the new Ghost over the next couple months, as the brand works to tease enthusiasts and compel potential buyers to begin fantasizing about what leather and wood combinations they'll use in their own ones. And given that Rolls generally only revamps their cars once a decade, it's worth paying attention even if you're not generally a fan of these super-luxury rides: after all, this could be the last all-new Rolls-Royce sedan that isn't powered by electricity.

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