Ferrari's Latest One-Off Supercar Could Be Its Coolest Custom Ride Ever

How to improve on the spectacular 812 Superfast? Give it a bespoke body made just for you.

ferrari omolgata

For many of us, owning any Ferrari is a goal worth aspiring towards. But for some lucky ducks out there, buying new Ferraris has become such a regular occurence, Maranello has a special benefit available for them: entry into the brand's elite club of one-off owners. We're talking about, Ferrari's VVIPs, people like Eric Clapton — those who've bought F-car after F-car over the years and proven their love for the brand many times over, who are then rewarded with a chance to create the car of their dreams.

In the past decade, only nine such cars have been built on Ferrari's front-engined V12 models — cars like the 599 GTB and 612 Scaglietti and F12berlinetta. Now, Ferrari has added a tenth to that list. And the Ferrari Omologata might just be the sexiest one-off supercar we've ever seen.

[image id='20a43899-5993-45dd-891a-5c8bb42f8952' mediaId='5e8e54c2-d0e7-4bb0-864b-cca7b59c8ef0' align='center' size='medium' share='false' caption='' expand='' crop='6x4'][/image]

The new Omologata is based on the spectacular 812 Superfast, which needed no modification; as such, it still uses the same howling 789-hp V12 and snappy seven-speed dual clutch gearbox, and send all its power to the rear wheels. The differences are all in design; only the windshield and headlights of this one-off are shared with its "ordinary" sibling's exterior.

[composite mediaId='1e68db0d-d8b4-42e0-8393-6de31360a735'][/composite]

The design is clearly inspired by classic V12 F-cars like the 250 GTO, but don't think of calling the Omologata retro; the design is an homage, but it's also modern enough that it wouldn't look all that out of place sitting next to the Roma and 812 GTS in Ferrari showrooms. Designed to look equally at home on the track and on the street, the car boasts an aggressive, hungry look, with its sleek design accented and augmented by sharp accents, such as the functional spoiler.

[composite mediaId='e4e9310f-0e1d-47f8-bdde-499197f5a99b'][/composite][composite mediaId='2b104095-8022-4d9a-8f29-12b4e0e963dd'][/composite]

Inside, the new one-off draws more inspiration from classic Ferraris of yore. Real metal abounds across the interior, visible in places like the dashboard, steering wheel and shift button "bridge." Much of the cabin is colored a tasteful black, but the seats are an electric blue, outfitted with four-point harnesses and upholsted in a combination of leather and something called "Jeans Aunde fabric," which was a staple of Ferrari race cars from years past.

[composite mediaId='61f8972d-8d4c-4e44-acea-0d58337cd5a4'][/composite]

Sadly, your odds of seeing the Ferrari Omologata patrolling around on the road are exceedingly slim, unless you happen to be wandering around Carmel during the next Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance week. Not only is the one seen here the sole example in existence — y'know, because it's a one-off — but its owner is reportedly European, which means it'll likely spend most of its life an ocean away from us. Womp, womp.

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