The Wildest BMW M5 Ever Created Is a Wagon With a McLaren V12

Sadly, you've never seen it — and likely never will.

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Bring a Trailer

For many of us, the idea of a BMW M5 station wagon is the sort of thought that gets the mouth salivating: a vehicle that's as fun a sports car but as practical as a family car can be. Sadly, such a car is out of reach for most of us; BMW has only made them twice during the M5's lengthy run, and when they come up for grabs on a place like Bring a Trailer, M5 wagons go for big money.

Yet believe it or not, there's an even rarer, even more desirable version of the M5 wagon out there. It has the McLaren F1's howling V12 beneath its hood — and only one example exists, locked away in BMW's archives.

Former McLaren road and race car director David Clark revealed as much to automotive journalist Chris Harris during a recent interview for the latter's podcast, as Motor Authority recently brought to light. The insane M5 was whipped up during development of the iconic F1, as a way to test out the 627-hp 6.1-liter V12 that would ultimately wind up nestled between the Macca's three-person cabin and its rear axle.

"I’ve driven [it], it’s an outrageous thing.” Clark said of the car, according to The Drive.

And while many a development car ultimately winds up meeting the crusher, Clark said the V12-powered M5 wagon is still around, tucked away with other secret prototypes in a BMW facility somewhere. The public has apparently never seen it...though here's hoping that could change now that the word is out. In any case, it's given us a new BMW M station wagon to daydream, presumably, not afflicted with a giant nose.

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