This Off-Road Camping Trailer Is So Light, You Can Tow It With a Side-by-Side

Sick of pitching a tent when you travel by UTV? Sunnyside Offroad has a solution for you.

the boony stomper off road trailer on rocks
Sunnyside Offroad

Setting up a tent while you’re traveling by side-by-side can be annoying and time-consuming. Nevada-based Sunnyside Offroad has a solution: the company is “re-creating recreating” with its new trailer, the Boony Stomper. While there are many great off-road trailers out there, the Boony Stomper, checking in at just 586 lbs, is designed to be towed by a UTV — or your SUV/pickup of choice, if so inclined.

The Boony Stomper is basic with few frills. It has a linoleum-floored 6’7” sleeper compartment for two with storage cabinets and a seam-sealed door to keep your gear (and you) dry and dust-free. The off-roading equipment includes a custom long-travel suspension, both off-road (Forerunner Knight) and on-road compatible (Tusk Terrabite) tire options and a hard-walled, aluminum-sided construction. The Boony Stomper also comes with DOT-approved lighting for on-road towing.

the boony stomper trailer interior
Sunnyside Offroad

Co-founder Jon Whipple told Northern Nevada Business Weekly that the Boony Stomper is designed not to impede UTV driving in any way. It can be driven at speed. “If everybody else is going by me at 60 miles per hour and I have to go 30 (mph) because I’m pulling a trailer, that’s just a deal-stopper,” Whipple said.

By the standards of the camping trailer world, the Boony Stomper is relatively affordable, starting at $8,394. You can give it a custom paint job for $249 or body wrap it in camouflage for $836. Other potential add-ons include a second sealed door (to avoid that super-awkward climb over your sleeping companion), a 19-inch TV monitor and a foam mattress for the sleeper compartment.

Sunnyside Offroad is currently taking orders through the contact page on its website. That said, if you like this idea, but want a more tricked-out (if maybe not quite as trail-ready) version, check out the Polydrop.

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