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This Tiny Camping Trailer Will Make You Feel Like an Astronaut

Here’s a trailer that’s unique, functional, and will get you into the outdoors for less than $20,000.


As we all know by now, camping trailers are certainly awesome, but they come with a few drawbacks. Fancy trailers can cost as much as actual, rooted-to-the-ground homes. You need a capable vehicle to tow them. You also need space to store them.

If those present a problem for you, however, Polydrop is selling a tiny, efficient, and affordable camping trailer that negates all of these issues. It also looks like an honest-to-god, NASA-spec space capsule.

The Polydrop is a simple, teardrop-shaped camping trailer. The main cabin is a bed area with a 48-inch-by-75-inch mattress and storage compartments above the foot area. The trailer has a kitchenette area at the rear. There’s a solar power setup and insulated walls that permit four-season functionality. The Polydrop’s max weight of 1,150 pounds puts it within the towing capability of a large number of non-trucks; even the four-cylinder version of the new Subaru Outback can handle it, for example.

Polydrop offers four trim levels. The spartan K-17 base model ($14,495) provides the bed area, drawers, cabinets, and space for a cooler. The K-19 ($15,495) upgrades to an aluminum sliding base. The K-20 ($17,995) fills out the kitchen for camping with a Dometic fridge/freezer, a two-burner stove, and a sink. It also adds a full HVAC system.

Then there’s the fully-loaded KJ-20 model ($19,995), which properly outfits the Polydrop trailer for overlanding. It upgrades the suspension for off-road use, and tacks on accessories like a Rhino-Rack roof rack, a Sunseeker awning and a Roadshower 4S to keep you clean.

While you can certainly find larger and more capable camping trailers, it’s hard to find one this cool-looking, functional and convenient — at least, for less than $20,000.

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