Buy Honda's Best Family Car and Score $750 in Free Thule Gear

There is, of course, a catch or two.

2021 honda odyssey

Minivans get a bad rap in America. Sure, they're not as aggressive-looking or off-road-capable as SUVs, but for average real-world buyers, the traits they do bring to the table — ease of entry and exit, more interior volume for your buck, better fuel economy, and built-in convenience features like intercoms and vacuum cleaners – are far m0re valuable than added ride height.

And right now, Honda is offering potential buyers yet another reason to choose a minivan over an SUV (or over a sedan or anything else, for that matter): doing so can score you $750 in free Thule gear.

As discovered by CarsDirect, Honda recently sent out a dealer incentive bulletin revealing that select buyers of 2020 and 2021 Odysseys are eligible to receive a $750 gift certificate to, so long as they take delivery of their new minivan by November 30th. Once they do, they'll be sent a promo code that can be redeemed for the Thule bucks; they just have to be used by January 31st, 2021.

Now, you may be wondering exactly what the term "select buyers" means in this situation. Well, that's the catch: this deal is only available to current Honda owners or lessees. If you currently drive a Ford, a GMC, a BMW or a Toyota, you are, as the French say, merde pas de chance. If you happen to have an older Odyssey, a Pilot, an Accord or any other Honda-badged passenger vehicle, however, you'll get the Thule cash and $1,000 off the price of your new Odyssey.

To sweeten the deal even further, Honda is also offering a bunch of other brand loyalty-based deals on new minivans right now: a $299-per-month-for-36-months lease deal (with $3,399 down) on the mid-grade Odyssey EX, or financing rates as low as 0.9 percent for up to 60 months and 1.9 percent for 61–72 months. In other words, if you were thinking about grabbing a new family car...this might be the time to jump on it.


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