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Harley-Davidson's Great-Looking New E-Bikes Are Here...and They're Pricey

Meet the full lineup of Harley-Davidson's retro-inspired Serial1 e-bikes launching next year.

serial1 rushcty speed
CJ Foeckler

Harley-Davidson recently announced it was creating a new stand-alone eBike brand, Serial1, named after Harley-Davidson’s first motorcycle. The teaser concept, taking vintage styling cues from that original Serial1 motorbike, was one of the best-looking e-bikes we’ve ever seen. Now, Serial1 has unveiled its full lineup, which is more modern and practical looking than the teaser bike. It's also a bit pricey.

The base model bike will be the Mosh/CTY, which Serial1 calls “the ultimate urban playbike.” It will start at $3,399, and have a 35-to-105-mile range with its 529-watt-hour battery, depending on drive mode. It will have a top speed of 20 mph and charge fully in 4.75 hours. It will also be the lightest of the bikes, weighing 48.3 pounds.

serial1 rushcty
CJ Foeckler

The step-up will be the Rush/CTY, coming in three versions. The cheapest will be the Rush/CTY Step-Thru, starting at $4,399. It will have the same battery and top speed as the Mosh/CTY with a 30–90-mile range. It will be the most accessible of the Serial1 bikes with an easy step-through frame.

The Rish/CTY, available for $4,499, is what Serial1 terms “the sophisticated commuter.” It upgrades to a larger 706-Wh battery, offers a 35–115-mile range and takes 6.6 hours to charge fully. The top tier is the Rush/CTY Speed, which has the same battery as the Rush/CTY but has a top speed bumped up to 28 mph.

Serial1 plans to deliver the Mosh/CTY, Rush/CTY Step-Thru and Rush/CTY in the spring of 2021, with the Rush/CTY Speed following in the summer. You can pre-order the bikes now on Serial1.com. Serial1 will sell the bikes online, at select Harley-Davidson dealers and at other dealerships.


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