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Harley-Davidson Built the Best-Looking E-Bike We've Seen

Electric mobility may not be your first thought when you think of Harley-Davidson. But perhaps it should be.

serial 1 harley davidson e bike
Serial 1

Eco-friendly mobility solutions are probably not the first things that come to mind when you think of Harley-Davidson. (Our thoughts drifted toward the Captain America bike from “Easy Rider” and Arnold’s Fat Boy from “Terminator 2.”) But the company launched its all-electric motorcycle, the Livewire, in 2019. And now, Harley-Davidson is taking it a step further by launching a stand-alone e-bike brand, the Serial 1 Cycle Company.

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The name for Serial 1 Cycle Company comes from “Serial Number One,” Harley-Davidson’s first motorcycle. And the first e-bike, the Serial 1 eBicycle, took ample inspiration from its design and looks gorgeous. Harley-Davidson says the e-bike emerged from a skunkworks project from “a small group of passionate motorcycle and bicycle enthusiasts” within the company.

Beyond the name and the general appearance, there’s not much we can tell you, beyond the name being annoying to search for thanks to a prominent podcast. The Serial 1 website contains a countdown to a full reveal on November 16th, where we should find out features like the top speed, electric range and, perhaps, the price.

E-bikes are expected to be a significant growth industry over the next decade as people rethink work, their carbon footprint and how they commute. And there are some awesome e-bikes already on the market. We’ve seen iconic American motoring brands like Ford with the Super Cruiser and Jeep with its electric mountain bike explore e-bike collaborations. Harley-Davidson stepping forward to launch an e-bike brand represents a far greater commitment.


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