Honda's New Civic Is Made for the Youths (But Adults Will Dig It Too)

Honda unveiled the "prototype" of the new 2022 Civic sedan on Twitch, but people of all ages will find something to like.

2022 honda civic prototype

Honda has sold more than 12 million Civics in the United States since it arrived here nearly 50 years ago. The compact car has become ubiquitous for good reasons: it’s affordable, consistently excellent at what it does, and offers ample versatility with multiple body styles and two performance versions, the Civic Si and the Civic Type R.

Other automakers have abandoned the small passenger car market for crossovers. But the Civic remains a vital car for Honda. The company sells more than 300,000 of them per year, and those customers often stick around next time out and buy CR-Vs and Pilots. So you can bet the brand isn't going to half-ass a new version

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Honda unveiled a “prototype” version of the 11th generation 2022 Civic sedan on November 17th, Since the car is due to arrive in late spring 2021, we can presume it’s at or near the full production version. (In case there was any doubt Honda was targeting millennial and Gen-Z buyers with the Civic, the reveal happened at 10 pm EST on a school night, co-hosted by someone who goes by “MonsterDface” on Twitch.)

What can we tell you about the new Civic? Well, not a whole lot right now. The prototype is painted in a new, presumably youth-friendly orange color, Solar Flare Pearl. Honda says it sports a “fresh, sporty and upscale look,” which to our eye seems to borrow a lot from the Accord. Honda has ruled out having an all-wheel-drive version in the works, which you can get on the rival Mazda3. Civic Si and Type R versions will also be coming.

2022 honda civic prototype

Practical questions you probably have about powertrains, pricing and which, if any, Civic variants will offer a manual transmission will wait for another day. But judging from the awesome tenth-generation car, we can predict the next Civic will be pretty damn good.


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