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5 Essentials for the Ultimate Glove Compartment

A steadfast feature in the automobile since the early days of motoring: outfit it properly.

Chase Pellerin

Glove compartment, glove box, cubby hole, jocky-box, glove tail — whatever you call it, the glove compartment has been a steadfast feature in the automobile since the early days of motoring. A passive co-driver of sorts, holding valuables, driver’s manuals, small tools, maps (when they were foldable paper and not apps), and of course, driving gloves, after which the box is named.

When the common car came with a wooden steering wheel and a more-or-less open cabin, sweaty palms, splintering wood or a chilly weather demanded there be a place to store your finger warmers. These days, driving gloves aren’t necessary like they once were, but the glove compartment is still a handy shotgun rider. Best to make the most of it with simple luxurious equipment.

Persol Caligrapher Edition


If you’re driving in ideal conditions, the sun is out — and if equipped, the top is down — so aside from maybe sun tan lotion, you’ll need extra protection. Persol’s Caligrapher sunglasses are a lightweight, stylish way to fend off glare. Besides, the King of Cool himself was a fan of Persols — and Steve McQueen knew a thing or two about driving.

Buy Now: $162

Fisher Space Pen AG7


Having a good, reliable pen handy is a must. Whether you’re jotting down pace notes or driving directions, or your co-driver is scribbling messages of aggressive discontent to another motorist, you’ll want the Fisher Space Pen AG7. The AG7 was originally developed for NASA to take to space on the Apollo 7 missions, so it should be adequate for a casual drive.

Buy Now: $33

Autodromo Stringback Driving Gloves


It’s true, dedicated driving gloves are more of an accessory in modern motoring, but it’s always nice to have a good-looking pair of stringbacks on hand, should conditions call for it.

Buy Now: $125

Accutire Digital Tire Gauge


Before you set out on a long drive, it’s always wise to check your tire pressure and all four are up to snuff. An easy-to-read, easily stored digital tire pressure gauge is exactly what you and your glove box need.

Buy Now: $18

This Is Ground Mod Portfolio


If you’re putting your tires to the test through a few sweeping turns and switchbacks, rest easy knowing glove-box contents aren’t being violently jumbled. Keep your new pen, tire pressure gauge, paperwork and owner’s manual all in one place with the Mod Portfolio by This Is Ground.

Buy Now: $315

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