A Beautiful New Jaguar Wagon Is On Its Way

There’s no denying it now: We are on the verge of a new era of the wagon.


There’s no denying it now: We are on the verge of a new era of the wagon. Well, at least we are here in the States, where new off-road wagons from Audi and Volvo have sparked renewed interest in long-roofed long-haulers. And now Jaguar has teased the first image of the upcoming XF Sportbrake (fancy-speak for wagon), which the brand will fully unveil later this summer.

Granted, the only image we have is this top-down view of the new Jag wagon. But, don’t fret too much. The panoramic sun roof combined with a long sweeping roofline on what we already know is a seriously handsome sedan is likely part of a surefire recipe for success. “What we’ve done with this car,” said Head of Jaguar Design Ian Callum, “is create a silhouette that sweeps off the back of the car almost into the distance and really gives that car a sense of speed.” Bear in mind this is from the man behind the F-Type and F-Pace.

Fingers crossed that this recent run of beautiful, practical wagons is a sign of the end of days for crossovers.

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