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Vintage Porsche, Meet Electric Bicycle: The Outlaw Tracker

With cutting edge mechanicals and old-school styling, it’s hard to beat this e-bike.

We’ve hung out with Rod Emory a lot — his work restoring and modifying old-school Porsches is, to be only slightly hyperbolic, legendary. For instance, Emory takes an original 356 and fashions it into what it should have been all along: a high-performance hot rod that drips with sex appeal and is made to move.

Vintage Electric knows a thing or two about capability and beauty, too, so when they paired up with Emory to make the Outlaw Tracker, good things were bound to happen. With Vintage Electric’s engineering prowess and Emory’s design language, the now ubiquitous assisted bicycle has become a work of retro-futuristic rolling art. Two modes — street and race, good for 20 and 36 mph, respectively — propel the bike; in Street Mode, range tops out at 35 miles. Shimano disc brakes, hand-formed steel details, an all-aluminum frame, and that classic Porsche silver all conspire to make one brutally good-looking ride.

Buy Now: $6,995

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