This Tiny Camper Van Is a Hygge House for the Open Road

German camper startup Vanderer built a "three-room apartment on wheels" within a small van's footprint.

vanderer interior

Europeans love awesome camper cans, and German startup Vanderer just unveiled what may be the ultimate tiny pop-top one. Their modular van, which they describe as a "three-room apartment on wheels," can transport up to seven, sleep up to four, and converts to a cozy lounge during the day.

vanderer van

Vanderer uses the Citroën Berlingo XL as the base vehicle. It's 187 inches long and 75 inches tall with the roof closed. For perspective, that's about an inch and a half shorter and an inch and a half taller than a four-door Jeep Wrangler.

When it's time to camp, the rear seats fold to accommodate an L-shaped couch with an eat-in kitchen. The pop-top roof can provide room to stand, as well as a sleeping compartment with an integrated double mattress. The lounge area can fold into another sleeping berth for two more passengers. The sink has a 3.1-gallon water supply, and you can option the van with rooftop solar and a lithium-ion battery.

The modular components slide behind the second row of seats while driving. They can evenbe removed entirely to allow for complete utility from the van when you're not camping.

vanderer van

The Vanderer's base price is €28,990, which converts to a little above $35,000 — fairly reasonable for the camper world. It does not look as though it will be sold in the U.S. anytime soon, as we don't currently get the Berlingo.

However, the Stellantis merger means we live in a world where anything is possible. The Berlingo design also does cross-brand duty for Peugeot, Opel and Vauxhall. We'd rate the prospect of it arriving in the U.S. at some point higher than a new Lancia sports car emerging.


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