Is Volkswagen Working On an Even Faster Version of the Golf R?

Is there a more powerful Golf R engine than the 315-hp one currently found in the car? Well, the owner's manual shows one.

volkswagen golf r

As we speak (or, well, write), Volkswagen is rolling out the Mk8 Golf. Americans won't get the base model, sadly, but we will get the hotter GTI and Golf R variants of it. VW unveiled the latter car most recently, showing it off in November in all its 315-horsepower glory. But beforre you slap down your deposit, you should know there's evidence an even hotter version may be in the works.

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YouTuber Volkswizard, as spotted by CarAdvice, has pored through the user manual in his new Golf GTI test car. The manual — which is used for the entire Mk8 Golf range — shows the 235-kW (315 hp) version of the 2.0-liter four-cylinder we knew was coming for the upcoming Golf R. But it also lists a more powerful 245-kW variant (329 hp) on top of it.

That 329=hp output matches the Golf R figure in an earlier leak of what appeared to be a dealer presentation slide. So it appears VW may have an even hotter Golf R variant planned.

It's not clear whether that version, if it happens, would be a limited-run model or a mass-production version, or whether it would be offered in the United States. The other plausible explanation would be that VW knew it might have to de-tune the Golf R to 315 hp, but had a deadline to get the owner's manual to the printer's — but we'd rather hold out hope for more power.

The Mk8 GTI and the Mk8 Golf R should arrive in the United States during the second half of 2021 as model year 2022 vehicles. For now, though, you can still buy the excellent Mk7 GTI , one of our favorite cars we drove in 2020.


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