Nic Cage, Pay Attention: This is How You Swap a Face

GMC’s Denali range gets a slight refresh; our pick is the Yukon.


Hot-rod sports cars and vintage off-roaders get a lot of love around here, and for good reason. They’re sexy as all hell. They’re also mostly dream-status vehicles that few of us will ever own or drive. But though grail vehicles are vaunted nonstop, “normal” SUVs especially mean a lot to us, and no doubt to you as well.

The Yukon Denali is one such SUV. If you’ve ever ridden in or driven one, you know it’s luxurious, roomy, smooth and subtly sexy. the Denali range is GMC’s top-level luxe line that includes trucks and crossovers as well. And for 2018, they’re getting flashy makeovers.

A fantastic new grille finds its way to the Yukon’s front and, more importantly, a 10-speed transmission. That’ll be good for mileage and the aforementioned smoothness, and we can’t wait to grab one for a weekend and roll under the radar all plush as hell. Just sayin’ — you miiiight want to look into breaking your current lease.

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