This Sleek Pop-Up Camper Is a Perfect Fit for the Tesla Cybertruck

A startup plans to turn Tesla's new off-roader into a chic, versatile camping rig. Just pack very lightly.

tesla cybertruck cyberlandr camper

Back in late 2019, Elon Musk unveiled the Tesla Cybertruck to great fanfare. Assuming everything goes according to plan (which is never a guarantee with new Tesla products), he Blade Runner-styled all-electric pickup truck should arrive in early 2022 for most customers. One of the first tasks for many buyers will be to outfit it for overlanding. And because the Cybertruck doesn't follow the conventional shape of a pickup truck — flat roof, flat bed, flat sidewalls — that could be a challenge.

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Tesla, for what it's worth, has offered their take on what a Cybertruck camper setup would look like. But those looking for something a bit more substantial could opt for an aftermarket option, the Cyberlandr, which was recently spotted by New Atlas.

cyberlandr camper

The Cyberlandr fits flush with the Cybertruck's truck bed when in transit, but when parked, the unit telescopes upward and outward. The bed's compact space becomes a flexible seating, dining, cooking, and sleeping area connected to a porch and narrow "spa-like" wet bath. It will also have a 500-watt solar panel and a dedicated 20-kWh battery. Because the Cybertruck will offer bidirectional capability, it will take power from the truck or charge it.

Cyberlandr says the unit will sleep up to two adults and two children. However, it feels like that accommodation could get cozy, especially if occupants decide to bring clothing and personal items along with them. It currently offers no accommodations for outdoor gear.

cyberlandr camper

The unit will add 1,200 pounds of dry weight to what should already be a heavy Cybertruck. That said, because the Cyberlandr adds zero aerodynamic drag, the company says it will only reduce the truck's range by about five percent.

Pricing for the Cyberlandr will depend on what you're willing to put down. The standard price will be $49,995 — about the same as the all-wheel-drive Cybertruck itself. But with their current promotion, you can put down $100 to get 10 percent off, or up to $5,000 to get 20 percent off.


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