The BMW M4 Is Poised to Get Even Meaner (If Not Prettier)

BMW appears to have a new track-focused M4 coming, and it could revive one of the brand's most exclusive nameplates.

bmw m3 2021 front end

Well, isn't this interesting: based on spy photos and reports we've seen around the web, BMW appears to be cooking up a new version of the M4. We know what you're about to ask; no, it won't involve a facelift to remove the mammoth kidney grille. But it should make the M4 even more of a beast on track — and may revive one of BMW's most exclusive nameplates.

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The British website Autocar has spy shots of what appears to be the new M4 variant in testing. They believe the new version of the M4 could get the Coupé Sport Leichtbeau (CSL) designation, which BMW has only used twice. Like the past CSL cars, it's expected to be a limited production run of around 1,500 vehicles. Autocar expects the M4 CSL to enter production in July 2022.

Leichtbau, if you're not fluent, is German for "lightweight construction," so dropping weight over the standard model will be a major focus. The M4 CSL should feature a carbon fiber hood, carbon fiber door mirrors, carbon fiber bumpers and carbon fiber interior bits. Other modifications should include an even more aggressive damping system and uprated tires and brakes. BMW may also massage a bit more power from the M4's twin-turbocharged inline-six, which currently puts out 503 horsepower in its sharpest tune.

We can expect this car to be pricey. Changes are similar to the modifications BMW made for the M5 CS, which commanded a price tag more than $30,000 higher than the M5 Competition. Starting MSRP for the M4 Competition Coupe is $74,700, so it's reasonable to assume this car could have a price tag in the $100,000-plus range.


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