The Ford Bronco Is an SUV Unlike Any Other

With the arrival of the all-new 2021 Bronco, we're looking into the past — and future — of this American icon.

two ford broncos
ford bronco badge 2021

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to Ford Bronco Week here at Gear Patrol. Now, at this point, you're probably asking yourself, wait, what the hell is Ford Bronco Week? Did I forget about another one of those new holidays, like National Chocolate-Covered Raisin Day and National Kazoo Day? (Both of those are real, by the way.)

Well, don't sweat — you're not suffering from memory loss. Ford Bronco Week is an event of our own creation, whipped up as a celebration of the arrival of the all-new, long-anticipated 2021 Ford Bronco.

See, this week marked the official breaking of the dam for driving impressions of the new 2021 Bronco. (You may, in fact, have already read our first drive review of the 2021 Bronco by the time you read these words; if not, well, I highly suggest making that your next stop.)

But the debut of a new Bronco isn't just the arrival of a new car; it's a cultural moment. Few vehicles have had the impact of the Bronco in America; it's an icon, recognized, appreciated and even beloved by people well beyond the usual range of fans of boxy SUVs.

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So in honor of the Bronco's broad-spectrum relevance, we're dedicating an entire week of content to Ford's off-roader. We'll be taking a peek back into the past to reflect on Broncos of yore, as well as pulling out the crystal ball to peer into the future. Stick around — it's gonna be fun.


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