A Murdered-Out Rolls-Royce Convertible Is Just What Every Midlife-Crisis Supervillain Needs

The Darth Vader jokes write themselves, but we’ll still make ’em.

You really need to check out the homepage for the new Dawn Black Badge. Rolls-Royce has included sections titled “A Powerful Temptation,” “Dark Sensuality,” and “Own The Night” in order to fully flesh out what their new Dark-Knight droptop is all about. It’s delightfully campy, like if Darth Vader took off his mask to reveal a winking Arnold Schwarzenegger: so over-the-top and borderline self-aware that you can’t help but grin just thinking about it.

Rollers that get a Black Badge dip feature a very special, deep black paint job to the tune of six coats of lacquer and hand polishing. Myriad performance enhancements under the dark body make the cars more sporting: the suspension, brakes and steering rack are all updated for enthusiasts. Underhood is the same 6.6-liter twin-turbo V12, good for 593 horsepower and 619 lb-ft of torque.

Rolls-Royce, if you’re reading, the one title you missed on the website is: A New, Sinister Dawn Breaks.

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