The Fastest Version of the New BMW 8-Series Spotted with an Incredible Paint Job

Testing camouflage or not, BMW should keep it.

Earlier this year, when BMW announced the impending arrival of the new top-of-the-line 8-Series luxury sports coupe, the announcement of the range-topping M8 quickly followed. Then, not long after that, BMW let everyone know that it would be replacing the M6 race car with the M8 GTE for 2018 and enter it in the IMSA and World Endurance Championships.

The new M8 GTE race car has already been spotted testing sporting camo to try and disguise its lines, but the optical illusion wire-frame paint job would actually be one of the better-looking liveries on the grid. Come January, the new BMW will most likely be sporting the standard white base and M-Sport stripes at Daytona, but look for the road-going 8-Series to hit the streets later this year.

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