The Ultimate Porsche 911 Might Make a Comeback

Porsche may not call it the “R” just to keep the original 911 R customers happy, but Porsche can call it whatever it wants.

Porsche AG

The “ultimate Porsche 911” being, of course, the 911 R. Porsche only built 991 examples, all of which were sold out before the factory started putting the first one together. The first customers were lucky enough to buy them for the incredibly reasonable price of $185,950, but once the 911 R hit the second-hand market, the resale value skyrocketed to over $1 million in some cases. But as Autocar reports, there may be another chance to own a 911 R — and a significantly more affordable one, at that.

Porsche R&D boss Michael Steiner told Autocar that there is “potential for more purist versions of sports cars with no limitation [on production numbers].” He went on to say that what Porsche learned from the 911 R “is that there are more and more customers who enjoy pure, fun-to-drive sports cars. Porsche always has some limited as well as unlimited sports cars. For pure sports cars, there’s no need for limitation.”

Porsche may not call it the “R,” to keep the original 911 R customers happy, but Porsche can call it whatever it wants — a 911 with the engine from a GT3 RS, a six-speed manual gearbox and a rear-wing-delete option is a car that needs to made in the hundreds of thousands, not an exclusive sold-out limited production. The more, the merrier.

When Porsche fans cried out for a next-level Cayman, Porsche listened and made the Cayman GT4. So it’s not out of the realm of possibility that Stuttgart could add a model similar to the 911 R to the lineup if enough people ask for it. With that said, you can contact them here. Get emailing.

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