Will the New TVR Griffith Be a Worthy Adversary for the Jaguar F-Type?

After months of teaser images, the all new TVR Griffith was finally unveiled today at the Goodwood Revival.


After months of darkly lit renderings, blueprints and teaser images, the all new TVR Griffith was finally unveiled today at the Goodwood Revival. TVR has been out of the car making business for quite some time now, but as far as comebacks are concerned the Griffith has shaped up nicely.

Under the hood, TVR borrowed the 5.0-liter V8 from the Mustang and had Cosworth tune it up to 500 horsepower. Couple that to the Gordon Murray design (the same guy who penned the McLaren F1), six-speed manual and a weight of just 2,755 pounds and you have a recipe for an incredible British GT car. It’s certainly stunning to look at but the soundtrack of the tuned Mustang V8 projected through what has to be no more than three feet of exhaust pipes has to be the piece de la resistance. If you look at it long enough, you start to see details of the AMG SLS, McLaren 720S and even the Toyota FT-1 concept bubble to the surface, but in more of a best of sort of way — it’s certainly striking.

Production numbers are understandably low at just 250 units being made for the first year with only 400 spoken for as of now, but with a price tag of around $120,000, the new TVR is positioning itself up against the might of Jaguar’s F-type SVR. The similarly-priced SVR does have a 75 horsepower advantage over the TVR but the TVR is nearly 1,000 lbs lighter. It’ll be a good track match when it finally does happen, but it will be tough to knock the F-Type off its perch. Whether or not the Griffith is coming stateside is yet to be determined.

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