The New Winnebago Revel 4×4 is a Self-Sufficient Mobile Campsite

Adventure vehicles are on the rise in popularity and now kitting out a van or overlander is easier than ever.

Winnebago Industries

There’s no denying that adventure vehicles are on the rise in popularity — thanks to companies like Sportsmobile and Main Line Overland, kitting out a van or overlander is easier than ever. Winnebago, not one to miss out on an adventure lifestyle movement, just announced its new Revel 4×4 — a self-sufficient adventure mobile, ready to go off the grid, right from the showroom floor.

Winnebago says the new Revel is “designed specifically for active outdoor enthusiasts,” using the Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 as a platform to go the extra mile that traditional Winnebagos typically can’t. When you think of an ol’ Winnie it’s usually a massive RV in eight different shades of brown barreling down the highway in the midst of a family road trip on the way to a national park, only ever touching smooth, manicured roads. What the Revel aims to do is keep on going when the pavement stops and get you to the better campsites, down those fire service trails and off the beaten paths.

Onboard, the Revel has a full galley, 2.5-cubic-ft compressor refrigerator, a cassette-style toilet that eliminates the need for a separate black water holding tank, diesel-powered heating and a dinette with a table that converts to additional sleeping space. Integrated into the roof rack are solar panels that help power everything if and when you do head off the grid.

I wouldn’t call it glamping but this is infinitely times easier than towing a 22-foot Airstream (as beautiful as they are) and can definitely handle the rougher roads that traditional RVs cannot. What Winnebago, Main Line Overlander and Sportsmobile are doing is simply giving you more reasons to leave the city behind and go enjoy the great outdoors.

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