Meet the Intense Surgeon Who Spends His Weekends Drifting a Vintage Safari 911

Everyone relieves stress in different ways.


Porsche enthusiasts might have noticed a new video magazine steadily rolling out of Stuttgart replete with gorgeous cinematography, deep tech details and profiles of notably committed owners. The company has released four episodes of 9:11 Magazine so far this year, each with multiple chapters — the goal being to eventually produce a new one each month. See the full roster here and eyeball a Gear Patrol exclusive above.

It’s a quick trailer for our favorite episode thus far: episode two, called “Pure.” In it, we meet Dr. Erik Brandenburg, a surgeon and noted Porsche collector who favors rally versions of 911s and even has a vintage hauler to carry them off to his playgrounds of choice. We peep his collection, visit his garage and see him at the wheel, sternly piloting his baby while expounding, in voiceover, on the brand’s mythology. If you think he comes across as a bit intense, you’re right — after this episode came out, some intrigue surfaced in Deutschland over the good doctor’s involvement in the acquisition of pilfered Porsche parts for his collection.

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