Alfa Romeo Confirms a VW Golf GTI Rival and a Three-Row SUV Are on the Way

The resurgence of Alfa Romeo in the US is only going to get stronger in the coming years.

Pictured: Alfa Romeo Stelvio

The resurgence of Alfa Romeo in the U.S. is only going to get stronger in the coming years. As reported by Auto Express, a three-row SUV and possibly a VW Golf rival are the next reinforcements, along with a revised 4C coupe.

The three-row SUV would be an entirely new segment for the Italian brand and is a no-brainer for the U.S.-market, given that it’s one of the hottest global segments for a few years running and has the largest profit margins. The smaller Giulietta hatchback replacement, however, wasn’t necessarily confirmed for the U.S. Alfa Romeo chief technical officer Roberto Fedeli explained to Auto Express: “in order to complete the Alfa range of products we need another couple of pillars -– something in the C-Segment,” but went on to say hatchbacks are “a very local market and not a global one.” While that’s not a concrete decision on whether we get the Golf rival, it would be silly for them not to have an American-bound hatchback, seeing as how popular the Golf and the Ford Focus RS have become.

The hatchback will also use a shorter version of the same platform used by the Giulia sedan, giving it a fantastic foundation right out of the gate. Before any new cars show up, we’ll likely see an update to the 4C sports car — but only a mid-cycle refresh because, according to Auto Express, Alfa Romeo is considering giving the mid-engine performer either a new engine or an entirely new platform altogether.

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