These 13 Slow-Selling Cars Will Be Future Classics

Last year’s loss is our go-fast gain.


Last week, Road & Track published a list of ten slow-selling cars that they love, noting that each inclusion is a massive bummer for enthusiasts like you and me. It’s a fantastic list, and a fantastic point. Gear Patrol has reviewed most on the list; you can read our reviews below, ordered from most sold (just over 13K) to least (407 total). Beyond the fact that some of these cars are designed to be low-volume sellers (looking at you, 911), there’s a silver lining here. Since these cars were bought (and, in theory, made) in low numbers, years from now they very well may become collectible classics, or at the very least not lose their value. Suffice it to say, all ten of these should be on your short list as initial depreciation sets in.

Cadillac ATS (including ATS-V) – $35,495

Which Coast Deserves the Insane Cadillac V-Series?

We drove the V-Series through NYC and L.A.'s twisties, hipster hot spots and tourist traps to find out.

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BMW 2-Series (including M2) – $34,800

Many reviews refer to the 2-Series as being quite close to BMW’s original sporting roots: small, lightweight, driver-focused enthusiast machines. Jeremey Clarkson himself said, “[the M2 is] not just fast in a straight line. It’s also fast through the corners. And not just fast, but a complete delight” and noted that he’d rather have the M2 than the gnerally more vaunted M4.

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Mazda Miata – $24,915

Meet the Mazda Miata’s All-New Evil Twin: the RF

The Miata occupies a rare spot of honest, guileless fun; its new roof makes it meaner.

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Jaguar XE – $35,725

It’s not a huge surprise to see the XE on this list — it’s a handsome and capable little sedan, but when it was introduced into the sport sedan segment a few years back it was already far behind more established cars like the Audi A4 and BMW 3-Series. TheXE SV Project 8, however, is a blisteringly mental race sedan with 600 horsepower limited to a 300-unit run. Somewhere in the middle is a sedan that’ll sell.

Read About the SV Project 8: Here

Porsche 911 – $91,100

The Naturally Aspirated Era of the Porsche 911 Is Over. So What?

It's the end of an era: for the first time in its history all 911's will be powered by twin-turbocharged engines. That is a very, very good thing.

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Alfa Romeo Giulia – $38,195

If Ferrari Made a BMW M3, It Would Be the Giulia Quadrifoglio

When this car works, it’s one of the most engaging and physically entertaining cars in production today.

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Volvo S90 – $48,100

Review: The 2017 Volvo S90 Makes Safety Sexy

Volvo is betting that semi-autonomous and autonomous cars will save a lot of lives, and soon.

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Toyota 86 – $26,255

Land Cruisers Be Damned; The Toyota 86 Is the One You Should Want

Sell your gear; you can't fit it. Put the kids up for adoption; they can't fit either.

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Nissan 370Z – $29,990

It’s a little hard to believe that the rebirth of Nissan’s Z car is now nine years old, but Time stands still for no coupe. The Z gets stereotyped as a wannabe-sports car for wannabe enthusiasts and the “Fast & Furious” crowd, but the truth is a) it’s actually a pretty great little car, and b) the “Fast & Furious” crowd are enthusiasts with valid tastes. I for one am eagerly awaiting an updated Z and hope it’ll be more widely accepted.

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Jaguar F-Type – $59,900

My New Favorite Car: Jaguar’s F-Type SVR

I drive amazing cars for a living. This one may well be my favorite ever.

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Mercedes-AMG GT (and GT R) – $112,400

2017 Mercedes-AMG GT R: Striking the Perfect Balance Between Race and Relaxation

The AMG GT R is still very much the grand touring car its name says it is, but the "R" is there to let you know it has a few quirks.

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Nissan GT-R – $99,990

The New Nissan GT-R, a Storm, and the World’s Toughest Track — a White-Knuckled Review

Tackling Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps in Nissan’s newly revitalized 2017 GT-R — on a dark and stormy evening.

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Alfa Romeo 4C – $55,900

Alfa Romeo’s 4C Spider Is Rude, Lewd and in the Mood

Step back Lamborghini and Ferrari, the 4C Spider is our new Italian lover.

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