Trecol 39295

Not so Woolly Mammoth


There’s off-road, and then there’s OFF-ROAD. The Russian built Trecol 39295 takes it to an altogether different level. The insane six-wheeler enables you to drive over logs, insanely rocky terrain, deep water (with optional outboard motor) and even people. Okay, back up now. Yes, you can do that, too. The Trecol just happens to have ultra low pressure tires with 1/10th ambient air pressure at sea level, essentially making the tires compliant to whatever the Trecol traverses. The special rubber in the tires conforms to just about anything. You can run over people without injuring them at all and escape over water in case they’re still pissed about it. Cost for this kind of crazy fun? A semi-normal $60K. Running over your annoying neighbor with no personal injury lawyer pursuing you? Priceless.

Price: $60,000

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