How to Convert Your Backyard into an Ice Rink, Starting at $29

Peer-to-peer car sharing company Turo wants to branch resurfacer delivery.

turo sk8

Editor's Note: An earlier version of this story referred to Turo's ice resurfacing machine as a "Zamboni." The Zamboni Company USA subsequently reached out to us, stating that our reference to the product was "improper" as the specific product in question was not manufactured by them, and asked us to replace all instances of their name with the alternate term "ice resurfacer."

Every hockey fan, young or old, dreams of skating on a frozen pond — where the ice is natural and the backdrop isn't an interconnected chain of high-density polyethylene boards. It's just more fun outside, which one reason why the National Hockey League hosts an annual outdoor game each January. Even the pros want to escape to the great outdoors. But for those without access to a frozen body of water (or an actual NHL arena), the next best thing is a backyard rink, where you can play pick-up games until the sun sets...and then play some more under the glow of porch lights, forever promising you'll come in in another five minutes.

These are the dreams of aspiring NHL-ers, whether under ten or in their early teens — but peer-to-peer car rental company Turo, the so-called "AirBnB of cars," wants to make them come true for adults across Canada through its new initiative, Turo SK8. For $29, the company will deliver a tiny, electric ice resurfacer to your front door. You can keep it for four hours to complete the backyard rink you're currently building or refresh the ice on the one you've already been skating on.

The Turo SK8 is way smaller than a regular Zamboni, which makes freshly-skimmed backyard rinks a reality.

"Whether it's a spacious SUV to hit the slopes or the latest EV to experience a longer test drive, or, now, a resurfacer that turns your backyard into a professional ice rink, Turo offers an unparalleled selection of vehicles," Cedric Mathieu, the vice-president and head of Turo Canada.

Before, freshly resurfaced ice was reserved for the privileged few that could afford a real Zamboni-made ice resurfacer, whether full-sized or miniature. (If they have a full-sized one, they have a full-sized rink...and that's...insane.) The Turo SK8 is small enough to fit inside your garage — bigger than a snow blower but smaller than your sedan. It's all-electric, too, and should have no trouble lasting all the way through your four-hour window, even if you resurface the ice after every goal.

"Growing up, my local community outdoor rink was an important part of my development as a hockey player and growing my love for the game," Marie-Philip Poulin, the captain of Canada's women's team, says. She's partnering with Turo to help deliver these dream rinks. "Smaller, family-run local and backyard rinks play such an important part in fostering the love of hockey and skating across so many communities."


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