100 Gorgeous Details that Showcase the Best of Automotive Design

Car guys love every aspect of cars, from the way they run to the people who make them to how they smell and feel and… how they look.

Henry Phillips

I’m a car guy; you’re a car guy. We’re all car guys here. And ours is a complicated field of interest. Does being a car guy mean we get greasy wrenching on bolts? That we like driving like maniacs? That we collect? The truth is, car guys love every aspect of cars, from the way they run to the people who make them to how they smell and feel and look.

How they look… maybe we like that best. Here’s a collection of just some of the best car design details. There are plenty more to explore, which we promise to do very soon. Meanwhile, how about we car guys huddle up and nerd out for a while?

All-Time Greats

The 32 Best Car Features Ever: Exposed Gear Levers, $160K Clocks and More

Some of the best automotive details come from form following function or vice versa, from exercises in excess and/or minimalism. Some serve no purpose whatsoever, but the car wouldn’t be the same without.

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And Now, the Best Wheels, Shifters, Gauges…

15 of the Greatest Automotive Instrument Clusters of All Time

Care, effort and attention to detail have turned these simple dials and gauges into works of art.

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The 20 Best Wheels Ever to See the Road

It should be no surprise that some of the most iconic cars have the most incredible sets of wheels to match.

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The 18 Most Gorgeous Shifters to Ever Grace an Automobile

The shifter is, literally and figuratively, the centerpiece of a car's cabin.

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15 of the Most Gorgeous and Iconic Headlights of All Time

We've come a long way since the gas-lit acetylene headlamps from the 1800s.

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