6 Excellent Wagons That Totally One-Up Any Hulking SUV

In terms of the best of all worlds — driving dynamics, cargo hauling, passenger comfort, handling, etc.


Practical, fun and beautiful: this is the way of the wagon dude. In terms of the best of all worlds — driving dynamics, cargo hauling, passenger comfort, handling, etc. — wagons are, hands down, the holy automotive intersection. As a whole, though, consumers tend to want bigger, brasher vehicles, the likes of which will never be used to their full capability. But some wagons are great for budgets, some for beauty, some for off-roading and yet others are geared toward luxury and/or performance.

Alas, that argument seems futile. I may never own a brand new, 400-horsepower, all-wheel-drive wagon with a manual transmission that can haul all my gear and smoke sports cars. But for the time being, several automakers scratch the wagon itch with some absolutely sublime examples. Check some out below — and keep your fingers crossed for more.

This All-New, American All-Wheel-Drive Wagon Costs $15,000 Less than an Audi Allroad

The brand has come full circle: Buick wagons are back.

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This Just In: AMG Just Unveiled the 603 Horsepower Wagon of Your Dreams

It's not so much a wagon as it is an extremely practical supercar you can drive every day.

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Want the Best Off-Road Wagon Available? Move to Europe

The best off-road wagon out there is now made by Mercedes-Benz.

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Audi Allroad’s New Transmission Boosts MPGs, Doesn’t Lose Off-Road Cred

In the pursuit of ever-more-precious fuel economy, Audi re-imagined its all-wheel-drive Quattro system. And it's excellent.

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The Best Off-Road Wagon Is Now On Sale in America — Here’s Our Review

Multiple rugged wagons are available; Volvo's is the overall winner.

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The All-New Volvo V60 Is Definitely the Best Wagon Around, and Every American Should Buy One

Volvo has yielded one of the best-looking and most proportional lift back designs I’ve seen in years.

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