Owning the Perfect Sports Car For Under $25,000 May Be a Simple Snap-On Part Away

If there is one thing classic Mazda Miata enthusiasts pine for, it’s the snap-on hard top.


If there is one thing classic Mazda Miata enthusiasts pine for, it’s the snap-on hard top, which turned the little roadster into a slick-looking pint-sized bargain GT car. The only problem is Mazda hasn’t offered the semi-fixed roof option since the second generation many years ago. But there may be a quick fix on the way for the current MX-5, from Fiat of all places. The MX-5-based Abarth 124 GT will make its debut at the Geneva International Motor Show later this month, and its highlight feature is a snap-on carbon fiber roof that only weighs 35-lbs.

Sure, you can spring for the RF, with its retractable hardtop, but what if you already own one of the standard Miata with the soft top? The windshield, windows and retractable top are some of the shared components between the two roadsters, so it’s entirely possible the connecting points for the roof are the same as well. The downside: there’s no word on whether the Abarth 124 GT will make to our shores, yet. But knowing the Miata community, it’s not too far-fetched to assume some MX-5 owners are already looking into getting the roof shipped over. It might be worth having a little patience though because according to a report from Road and Track, the MX-5 is due to get a power bump to 181 horsepower in 2019. Could this be the return of the Mazdaspeed? Is Mazda holding out until 2019 to give the U.S. the coveted carbon roof? If it all pans out in our favor, an MX-5 with a carbon rooftop is a solid candidate for the perfect sports car.

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