15 of the Worst Used Cars to Buy From 2007-2017

If you’re currently shopping for a used car, this is a good place to find the cars you don’t want.


This story was originally published in March, 2018.

Perusing the internet for used cars is something of a pastime in the Gear Patrol office. Finding a vintage car that ticks all the right boxes and slots in just under your set budget can be a wonderful thing. But the second-hand market can be a cruel mistress. What you thought was a great deal on your dream car can turn out to be a true nightmare.

Consumer Reports just published a list of the 108 worst used cars to buy from 2007-2017. The entire list is subscriber response-based, and grounds for making the list is “much-worse-than-average overall reliability.” From the looks of it, more than a few American manufacturers have some explaining to do, while Diesel-gate isn’t the only thing Volkswagen has to worry about. We picked out a few models in each category worth noting, but the full list is here. If you’re currently shopping for a used car, this is a good place to find the cars you don’t want.


2011 Audi A4


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2016 Infiniti Q50




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2016 Cadillac ATS




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2016 Chevy Camaro




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2017 Ford Mustang




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2016 Dodge Challenger


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2013 Ford Expedition


2007 Audi Q7


2012 Volkswagen Touareg



2015 Ram 1500




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2016 Toyota Tacoma




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2008 Ford F-350



2017 Volvo XC90


2015 Mercedes-Benz S-Class




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2009 BMW 5 Series


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