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7 Car Magazines You’re Not Reading But Definitely Should

There’s an entire realm of reading you’re missing — but you don’t have to.


When you think about car magazines, the popular “buff books” probably come to mind — Motor Trend, Road & Track and Car and Driver, to name a few. These monthly mags feature reviews of every trim of every car analyzed down to the last nut and bolt, and they make great reading, especially if you’re looking to stay informed on the industry or even doing extra research in the quest to buy a car. However, there is an entire realm of magazines out there that go further than purely educating readers. It’s probably not surprising that we love to pick up a beautiful magazine and read excellent automotive adventure prose that is accompanied by incredible photography. These are the magazines we’re reading now — not only for a good read but to inspire us — and you should follow suit.

Lollipop Magazine


You don’t have to be obsessed with Formula One to pickup an issue of Lollipop Magazine and appreciate the photography on its pages. It’s more than just the cookie cutter motorsport photography you see in every other publication — Founder, Editor in Chief and Photographer Joshua Paul uses a 1913 Graflex SLR 4×5 camera for most of his shots.

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Intersection Magazine


The worlds of high fashion and automotive enthusiasm merge in equal parts in Intersection Magazine. In the past, Intersection featured a U.S. issue, but is now mostly distrubuted in Europe. Amazing photoshoots, feature stories and interviews litter the pages of every issue.

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Overland Journal


When you’re stuck at your desk, day-dreaming of the dirty adventure bike or four-wheeler trapped in your garage, Overland Journal is worth a read for the escapism alone. Think of a modern version of The Motorcycle Diaries, but taking place at every corner of the globe, featuring any off-roading vehicle imaginable.

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Total 911


The title of the magazine pretty much says it all this is, admittedly, is more of a die-hard Porschephile’s magazine. But, the car is a cultural icon; Total 911 writers are some of the most knowledgable and passionate people when it comes to the most famous of all sports cars.

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Curves Magazine


Dreaming up a long weekend or week-long excursion via the best roads you’ve ever turned a wheel on? Curves Magazine is the place to start planning. Each story is filled with jaw-dropping photography of equally outstanding roads somewhere in the world.

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Octane Magazine


If you’re a fan of Petrolicious, Octane is in the same spirit. Here you’ll find features, reviews and interviews celebrating fine automobiles of the last century.

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Practical Perfromance Car Magazine


Of all the magazines on this list, this is the most practical of suggestions — the title may have given that away. This magazine is for the wrencher, the DIY mechanic and anyone looking to do some light performance upgrades to their own car. Inside are stories of builds, how-tos, advice and in-depth looks at a life spent under a car.

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