This New Rugged 4×4 Camper Is the Most Affordable We’ve Seen

Bursting onto the scene of adventure vehicles, Hunter RMV converts vehicles used by the military into expedition trucks — at a reasonable price point.

With off-grid living and tiny homes increasing in popularity by the day, more and more brands continue to pop up and cater to the trend. One such brand is EarthRoamer. The brand makes some of the highest-end, most luxurious 4×4 campers we’ve ever seen. EarthRoamers check all of the boxes, but that type of comprehensive luxury comes at a price. EarthRoamer however, is far from the only option. Hunter RMV is a new brand on the scene looking to fill the gap between a Westfalia Syncro and an EarthRoamer. The brand takes military RMVs and kits them out for the ultimate adventure — at a fraction of the cost of an EarthRoamer.

The base for the Hunter RMV is a Light Medium Tactical Vehicle, previously used by the military. The 6-cylinder 6.6L Caterpillar diesel engine is turbocharged and paired with a seven-speed automatic transmission that has full-time all-wheel drive. The 400-mile range is slightly less than the EarthRoamer’s 900, but an available upgrade includes an extra fuel tank to push that number to 800+ miles.

The differences between the Hunter and the EarthRoamer are most visible in the living spaces. The EarthRoamer offers stainless steel appliances, touch faucets and a built-in coffee maker. The EarthRoamer also includes a memory foam queen mattress mounted over the cab and built-in storage — the Hunter offers neither. But, if you’re looking for something that has the basics and is a more-than-capable off-roader, the Hunter RMV is adequate. Plus, you can always upgrade your rig with some elevated appliances and make it your own.

By far the best part of the Hunter RMV is that it comes in just under $200,000. The EarthRoamer’s smallest model starts at $451,000. In many parts of the country, that leaves you with enough left over to buy a house. That’s right, a house. But then again, with the Hunter, you might not need one.

Hunter Predator: ~$200KEarthRoamer XV-LTS: ~$451K

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