There Will Be a Less Powerful Toyota Supra, But That Will Be the Better Buy

It’s widely known the Supra, and the next BMW Z4 share similar platforms and engineering, but the smaller, less powerful engine is a new discovery.

According to a report on Road and Track, the long-awaited, teased and drawn out next-generation Supra will have two engine options: a turbo straight-six and a more affordable turbocharged four-cylinder. It’s widely known the Supra and the next BMW Z4 share similar platforms and engineering, but the smaller, less powerful engine is a new discovery. But, you know what? It’s going to be the better car.

Speaking with R&T at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Supra chief engineer Testsuya Tada revealed the four-cylinder news and added the ‘lesser’ Supra will have “much better weight distribution” with less weight up front, which will translate to shaper corner entry and handling in general. While the straight-six Supra will churn out 335 horsepower, the 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder will make 242, and, combined with the lighter, more balanced chassis, the more affordable Supra is setting itself up to be the more powerful GT86.

As much as the constant ‘reveals’, teases and trickle of press images makes it feel like it’s been an eternity since we first heard about the Supra’s return, this adds some fresh energy and genuine interest back into this circus. However, it’s for the best that this ‘different version’ of the new Supra wasn’t some Nürburgring track special with rock-solid suspension, a massive wing and 600 horsepower. Giving performance to the people, like the Toyota Corolla Hatchback and this more affordable, more approachable Supra is the exact thing Toyota needs to d in order to rebuild its sporting reputation. Instead of marketing solely to the relatively microscopic niche of track rats and enthusiasts, it better serves the brand to show the greater population how fantastically entertaining a Toyota can be. Honestly, I was almost over all the Supra hype. I’m salivating again at the idea of getting behind the wheel — just not in the six-cylinder.

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