This Bare-Bones Defender Is Begging For You to Turn It Into an Overland Build

The cavernous space of this two-door, long-wheelbase example is perfect for camping.

Land Rover Defenders: they’re so hot right now. But while the significant premiums and collectability go towards the nearly mythic NAS version these days, in the rest of the world Defenders fulfilled utilitarian purposes and remain reasonably affordable (at least compared to the aforementioned North American versions). Case in point: this 1987 two-door Defender 110, which has the delightful dings, scratches and patina you’d expect from a tool of exploration.

Many words have been spilled about the Defender’s legendary off-road prowess, and this model comes equipped with a 2.5-liter turbodiesel, a two-speed transfer case and a Salisbury heavy-duty rear axle (known for being particularly strong), so you can bet this is no different. But what’s special about this two-door, long-wheelbase example such as this is the sheer amount of cargo space you get. In fact, the previous owner says to have used the car as a camper in Tunisia, presumably making use of all that glorious room.

It’s been outfitted with a few overland-ready modifications; namely a water reservoir tank, a rear air vent and a secondary biodiesel fuel tank which would work well for extending range. Aside from that, this Defender is pretty unladen with other modifications, so it could very well serve as your next overland build. As of writing, it sits at $10,000 in bids. But if you do acquire it please, don’t get rid of that excellent blue stripe.

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