The 10 Most Beautiful and Badass Boutique Car Makers

Boutique car builders – think of them as small-batch manufacturers – aren’t constrained nearly as much as typical companies.

East Coast Defender

If there’s one truism about manufacturing, no matter the industry, it’s that passion and creativity tend to be diminished when mass production is involved. In the car world, try as hard as they may, designers and engineers at brands like Ford, Chevy and Toyota have only so much freedom before a committee tightens the leash in the name of practicality and safety standards. Boutique car builders – think of them as small-batch manufacturers – aren’t constrained nearly as much. Perhaps the most popular example in recent decades is from way back in the future, though don’t hold your breath for a huge influx of new DeLoreans any time soon.

End results vary wildly depending on the builder. Some produce faithful recreations of classics with a few modern touches; others are entirely unique automobiles from the ground up. Regardless of their approach, boutique vehicles – be they sports cars, adventure vehicles or somewhere in between – are a breath of fresh air among the rest. These are some of the best boutique car builders from around the world.


The Superformance MKIII Is a Direct Connection to the Past

The original AC Cobras were born out of the same hot-rodding spirit sweeping the US in the '50s and '60s, the Superformance MK III is just keeping the dream alive.

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East Coast Defender

East Coast Defender’s Project Viper Is a Classic Overlander on Steroids

It's certainly not your typical ECD build.

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Legacy Power Wagon

These Old-School-Cool Power Wagons Are Anything But Outdated Beneath the Skin

The chassis, cab and body panels are restored from the original parts, but the engine, transmission, brakes and electronics get robust upgrades.

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EarthRoamer Adventure Vehicles Are the Ultimate Off-Road Luxury

EarthRoamer is a pioneer and a leader in the luxury overlanding segment. Massive trucks with ridiculous capabilities and comfort are the norm thanks to this Colorado-based builder.

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Singer Vehicle Design

The Summer of 2018 Belongs to the Ultimate Porsche

The ultimate distillation of what a Porsche 911 can be will be on display at this year's Goodwood Festival of Speed, then next month during Monterey Car Week.

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An Up-Close Look at Some of the Greatest Off-Roaders Ever Built

Behind the scenes at one of the world's most impressive automotive restoration shops.

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Morgan Motor Company

After 110 Years, Morgan Still Handcrafts Its Cars Using Wood

To say Morgan Motor Company hasn’t strayed far from its roots would be too much understatement even for your average Englishman.

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If You’re Sick of Modified 911s, Alfaholics is Your Remedy

The Alfaholics GTA-R is a beautiful counterculture gem that stands out in a sea of classic Porsche 911s.

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The Benchmark for Every Modern Sports Car Is the Caterham Seven

Every major modern car-making country has a calling card. For Britain, it’s the low-volume, lightweight sports cars.

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New Legend 4×4

Get a Custom, Better-Than-New International Scout for $65,000

In a market saturated with Defenders and Land Cruisers, as good as they may be, a quality, rebuilt Scout is a breath of fresh air.

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