Local Motors Rally Fighter

Make the world your speed bump

Local Motors

The Local Motors Rally Fighter is literally the Frankenstein of the car world and looks like the love child of the Dark Knight’s tumbler and a Maserati Gran Turismo. If its arresting form seems strangely familiar to you, it’s probably because of the crowd-sourced origins of the Rally Fighter’s design, which utilizes a hodgepodge of parts sourced from a wide swath of major automakers. For example, you’d find the Rally Fighter’s door handles on the Mazda MX-5 Miata, taillights on the Honda Civic Coupe, steering column on Ford’s F-Series pickups and side mirrors on the Dodge Challenger.

At its core is a General Motors 6.2-liter V8 engine, which provides 430 horsepower, and 424 pound-feet of torque. When combined with a newly revamped four-link suspension arrangement that provides 20-inches worth o’rear suspension travel — the monstrous, take no prisoners nature of the Rally Fighter roars into focus. For drivers, it’s not a question of whether the car will conquer obstacles, because the Rally Fighter will always win. Instead, it’s a matter of how badly they want to maul them in the process of hauling ass.

Unlike the Red Dragon, the Rally Fighter is technically street legal too, but that doesn’t mean grabbing your own for carpool intimidation is as easy as plopping down the $75k for one of the 2,000 available models. Instead, owners must take part in the Local Motors experience, which is included in the cost and involves spending six days in their factory constructing the car with an expert builder trainer. Don’t think you need to know your stuff either since the company claims that no previous experience is required to participate. Sounds like Valhalla to us.

Buy Now: $74,900

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