This Perfectly Upgraded Overlander Has One Major Problem

On the face of it, this 1989 Toyota Land Cruiser is an ideal vintage overlander but a small detail could prove to be a big problem .

This 1989 Toyota Land Cruiser – painted in a beautiful shade of Peugeot Civil Guardia Vert, adorned with a sturdy roof rack, lightbars and big, beefy off-road tires – is an ideal vintage overlander. It’s built on a decent chassis with a reliable power plant to pull it all along. But therein lies the flaw. As per the listing “The mechanical odometer shows 141,795 miles. However, the Carfax indicates that between 2004 and 2006 the odometer went from 236k miles to 106k, indicating a rollback or possible replacement.” Can you look past that?

The rest of the truck is clearly well-taken care of, so it’s most likely an innocent replacement rather than a case of nefarious mileage cheating. But odometer fraud committed by one of the previous owners can’t be ruled out entirely. Worst case scenario, it might have a total mileage of somewhere around 270,000 miles. If that’s the case, even with that high amount of mileage, this Land Cruiser doesn’t look to be in that bad a condition.

To go along with the new aftermarket paint, full fluid flush and service, this overlander comes equipped with all the bells and whistles you’d want on any overlander. The ARB front bumper, 9,000-lbs Warn winch, 4×4 Labs rear bumper, White Knuckle Off-Road sliders, a roof rack cage with front and rear Rigid LED bars and a high-lift jack are all in the ‘overlanding essentials‘ starter kit. It all sits on 33-inch BFGoodrich All-Terrain tires, too.

Possible odometer tampering by a previous owner could be enough to turn some away – not to mention it’s an ’89 Land Cruiser currently hovering around the $17,500-bid mark. There’s a good chance this overlander might prove to be a headache down the line, but it could also be the ideal weekend warrior mobile. Would you make that gamble?

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