Two-Seater Stories: How Car Enthusiasts do Valentine’s Day

Sharing a quick drive or a long road trip can be deeply personal, if only because it’s so relaxing and joyful.


We car folks are all alike: our happy place is behind the wheel. I personally love to cruise for hours in total silence, save the hum of the road and rev of the engine. I’ve also been told that a key component of romantic relationships is sharing your favorite parts of life with your partner. So far, I haven’t found anyone who wants to binge-watch The Real Ghostbusters cartoon series for an entire weekend while remaining completely silent and subsisting solely on coffee and Fudge Stripe cookies.

Anyway, sharing a quick drive or a long road trip can be deeply personal, if only because it’s so relaxing and joyful. Here is a collection of stories we’ve done this year on two-seat rides that will perhaps inspire your next romantic road trip. Even if you stay silent together.

The Miata Is Mazda’s Best Car. Now They’ve Made It Even Better

Mazda gave the MX-5 the hotrod treatment for 2019, bumping up the power, raising the redline, making this the car it was always meant to be.

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Toyota 86 GT Black Review: Is the New Looks Package Really Worth It?

That's where the GT Black is special: it takes an admittedly cult-classic car and ups the nerd cred a bit within its own circles.

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2020 Supra: Toyota is Hell-Bent on Reviving Its Reputation

The Supra name returns to the Toyota lineup, making it clear Toyota is hell-bent on changing the world's idea of its cars.

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The Best Car of 2018 According to Jeremy Clarkson

He isn't back on our screens just yet, but in between filming and hosting the third season of The Grand Tour, Clarkson found time to name the Best Car of the Year.

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The Benchmark for Every Modern Sports Car Is the Caterham Seven

Every major modern car-making country has a calling card. For Britain, it’s the low-volume, lightweight sports cars.

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Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a Used Toyota MR2 Spyder

Toyota's mid-engine swansong is one of the best performance car bargains out there.

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A Legendary Name Will Return at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show

The New Stratos made it to production and of the 25 Ferrari-based coupes, at least one is making its way stateside.

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The Future of the Audi TT Is in Doubt

The TT RS receives a few cosmetic updates for 2019, but reports are surfacing Audi's pint-sized supercar is in danger of extinction.

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Jerry Seinfeld Is In Trouble Over This Rare Porsche 356 – Here’s the Deal (Updated)

If it's authentic, this particular 356 is exceptionally special. If it isn't, well... not funny.

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Affordable Dream Car: The Honda S2000 Is an Incredible All-Rounder

Of all the Japanese two-seater sports cars the Honda S2000 is easily the best all-rounder considering its performance and current value.

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2020 Porsche 911 Carrera Review: Better In Almost Literally Every Way

This eighth generation is bigger in many dimensions, wonderfully powerful and strikingly fast – more so than its predecessor by a longshot.

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