This Modernized Classic Mini Is the Perfect City Car

The Swindon Powertrain E Classic Mini should drive with the comfort of a modern vehicle and none of the quirks of an iconic British classic.


Mini brought a classic electric Mini conversion to the New York Auto Show last year. It was a brilliant city car. British company Swindon Powertrain, under its “Swind” brand, is expanding on that concept with a bespoke production version, the “E Classic Mini.”

The E Classic Mini will use classic Mini bodies. It will have a 24KWh battery and regenerative braking for a 125-mile range. With about 112hp, it will reach a top speed of 80mph and accelerate from 0-60mph in a not that glacial 9.2 seconds.

Changes from the original should be a net positive with a lower center of gravity and more trunk space without the gas tank. Modern conveniences such as heated seats and USB charging will be standard. It can be optioned with AC, power steering and an Infotainment system.

The E Classic Mini is basically the best of all worlds. It’s hard to conceive of a better city car. It looks like an iconic British classic. It should drive with the comfort of a modern vehicle and none of the quirks of an iconic British classic. It won’t emit carbon into the atmosphere directly.

The one downside? It will cost you. The E Classic Mini will start at a hair above $100,000. That price point will be well above both a new electric BMW Mini or a non-electrified classic Mini in decent shape. Though, it’s perhaps not that unreasonable for a bespoke resto-mod that’s also an EV. It will be a bargain compared to the Jaguar E-Type Zero.

Buy More: $100,000+

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