The Most Beautiful BMW You’ll See This Week

The 3.0CS is BMW’s transition to its latter-half-20th-century design philosophy. A perfect mix of post-war BMWs and the brand’s modern character.

BMW is known for holding onto design cues for decades, to the point where certain lines and elements are synonymous with the blue and white roundel: quad headlights, the dual-kidney grille, the Hofmeister Kink. So, when the Bavarian brand makes a design change, it’s no small event. That kind of change can be polarizing, but it’s inevitably a milestone in BMW’s history nonetheless. The E9 generation CS coupe marked BMW’s transition to the latter half of its 20th-century design philosophy: a perfect mix of post-war BMW and the brand’s modern visual character.

When it was new, the 3.0-liter inline six under the hood of this ’73 E9 3.0CS was good for 170 horsepower and 185 lb-ft of torque. And even though the odometer stopped working at 87,000 miles with a reported 3,000 miles added since, its service history, maintenance and frankly, near-spotless looks should put most doubts of quality to rest.

On top of some mechanical maintenance and rebuilds, the upholstery and carpeting here are also completely new as well, giving the Bimmer a factory-fresh look. There are very few opportunities to try and pull off blue leather; include this cabin on that short list.

From the now-vintage Neue Klasse coupes to the E21, E30 and even E46 3-series, BMW’s strong, svelte style carried itself well over the decades. This car’s visual portfolio isn’t timeless, but its crisp belt line, shark nose and quad headlights aged pretty damn well. I’d venture to guess this will be the most beautiful BMW you’ll see for sale this week.

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