This Insane Honda Civic Type R Off-Roader Is Real, and You Can Buy One

Not only is the Civic Type OveRland Concept road-legal but if you ask nicely enough Ralph Hosier Engineering said it will build you one.


Taking cars that have no business whatsoever going off-road and converting them into vehicles that do isn’t new –but damn it, it’s still always entertaining to see. But while Safari 911s and rally-prepped Aston Martins are delightful, Honda might have just taken the sports-car-made-off-roader crown once and for all with the new Civic Type OveRland.

Commissioned by Honda’s United Kingdom branch and built with help from Ralph Hosier Engineering (who have a reputation for modifying cars and trucks in all sorts of imaginative ways), the Civic Type OveRland concept takes style cues from both safari and adventure vehicles,  with a heaping dose of inspiration from Rally Raid off-road racing trucks. Surprisingly, however, underneath the cartoonishly-wide body kit, the Type Overland is completely stock; you still get the same 316-horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder and six-speed manual gearbox as the regular Civic Type R. Unfortunately, other than the trusty BFGoodrich all-terrain tires, details on the other upgrades are scarce at the moment.

The kicker: Not only is the Civic Type OveRland road-legal, but if you ask nicely enough, Ralph Hosier Engineering will build you one. As for how much it’ll cost, you’ll probably find out that minor detail when you give them a call. But you will have to supply them with your own $35,700 Honda Civic Type R to start.

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