Ferrari Arno X1 Hydroplane

Cavallino Nuoto


Let’s say you’ve done the prancing horse on pavement and now you long for the same Italian heritage on the waves. Not too many options. Well, if you’re independently wealthy, your “ship” may have come in with the impending auction of the Ferrari Arno X1 Hydroplane. Built in 1953 and powered by a 12-cylinder, 4500 cc V-12 Ferrari engine with twin superchargers, the Arno X1’s engine boasts an output of 502+ horsepower. It reached a record setting 150.19 mph for an 800 kg boat in 1953, which impressively has not been broken to date. With a storied and record setting racing history, full concourse restoration and full documentation and original Ferrari engineering notes, look for this stunning watercraft to bring in nearly $2 million by RM Auctions in Monaco on May 11-12, 2012.

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