The New Toyota Supra Only Comes in Coupe Form, But That Could Change

The new Supra only comes in coupe form right now. But that could change in the next few years, according to the engineer who masterminded the car’s development.


The all-new 2020 Toyota Supra is a lot of things — track-ready sports car, comfortable road tripper, eye-catching semi-exotic, spark of online firestorms. One thing it’s very much not, however: a convertible. That mission brief is left to its brother-from-another-mother, the BMW Z4, which shares most of its skeleton, nervous system and musculature, all the way down to the Toyota’s BMW-sourced engine and infotainment system.

But just because there’s currently no good way to use the throttle pedal as a blow dryer in a new Supra doesn’t mean that will be the case forever. In fact, hallowed Toyota engineer Tetsuya Tada says the car whose development he helped mastermind could wind up in topless form before the production run concludes.

That’s not to say the Supra will become a convertible, though.

While the car was engineered to accommodate an open-roof version, according to the account of Tada-san’s interview with Japanese magazine Best Car described by The Car Guide, the pop-top Supra would most likely be a targa top, not a full convertible. Not only would this be more in tune with past versions of the car that have offered removable roof panels, it would also keep the Supra from intruding on the Z4’s turf. (That move that goes both ways, for what it’s worth; unlike some past generations of Z-cars, BMW has said there will not be a cope version of the latest Z4.)

That said, don’t hold your breath in hopes of breathing the fresh air through a targa-topped Supra anytime soon. The company reportedly doesn’t have such a model currently in the works; considering the Supra just debuted a couple months ago, we wouldn’t expect such a new variant to show up until Toyota needs to give the model a sales boost. Which, hopefully, won’t be for a while.

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