This Beautiful Jeep CJ-8 Could Quench Your Thirst for a 2-Door Gladiator

Jeep hasn’t announced plans to make a two-door Gladiator yet, but this awesome CJ-8 Scrambler could fill that hole in your heart.

Jeep brought several Gladiator concepts to this year’s Easter Jeep Safari, but perhaps the most popular concept was the J6: a two-door, short-cab Gladiator with a six-foot bed. It was beautiful, it looked proportional, and it was painted in a stunning bright blue. The immediate guttural reaction from just about everyone in attendance and online was: “I want! Build it!”

We can all hold out hope for a future production version of the J6, but if one does arrive, it will not be anytime soon. Jeep built the J6 on a custom platform. A J6 would also be even less practical than the two-door Wrangler, which does not have a stellar take rate. Expect to see the regular Gladiator add trims, bells, and whistles and perhaps another powertrain before offering a short version.

While you can’t buy a two-door J6 at the moment, perhaps this vintage 1984 CJ-8 Scrambler in Ice Blue Metallic paint on Bring a Trailer would help scratch that itch? It has an inline-six with a four-speed manual transmission.  (And, we’re presuming, more than the 200 indicated miles, but that’s just a suspicion.) It has had a three-inch suspension lift as well as 33-inch BFGoodrich tires, chrome bumpers and a Warn winch. This Scrambler is perfectly outfitted for your fantasy world where “practicality” means being able to hold your surfing gear as you pop off the doors and head to the beach.

Right now, the Scrambler sits at $15,000, but with six days left to go in the auction, don’t be shocked if that prices skyrockets over the next week.

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