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The Dodge Viper has come a long way. Don’t misunderstand, though. From the 1st version in 1992 to the last generation model, the Viper has always been a V10, American made horsepower monster that chews up tires like a starving beaver on fresh pine. Far from refined, the Viper would damage both kidneys and dental work of anyone who tried to unleash its full potential, but it could certainly perform in the hands of the right driver, especially in tasty and positively ferocious ACR format. The fifth-gen of this beast, the 2013 SRT Viper just bowed at the New York Auto Show.

What’s different, you ask? Well, it won’t house a comparatively diluted V8 as predicted some time ago, that’s for sure. With a voluminous 8.4 liter 640 horsepower V10, the power is up 40 horses from 2010. The overall design is less rakish and more fluid, not unlike an Alfa 8C Competizione after a binge eating session and a fat dose of steroids. But it won’t be all brute force. The interior will be noticeably upgraded, bordering on bespoke, and will no longer mimic acres of gray plastic found in the older models. The Viper will also have launch control, traction and stability to control (which you’ll need to prevent you from being blown into the weeds). The new Viper will chime in a new era and will leave the muscled simpleton behind for something more worthy of its supercar performance. And to up its visual ante, take a look at the GTS paint scheme on the new SRT Viper GTS Launch Edition.

Curious to see how the beast performs? Check out the video of the Viper ACR-X lapping the Nürburgring Nordschleife in 7:03 after the break, along with more images.

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