Meet the Cars That Rack Up the Most Speeding Tickets

The list probably won’t surprise you all that much.

subaru wrx 2019 iihs safe top pick

Ever wonder if the type of car you drive is more likely to cause you to get a ticket? Well, has compiled data on the cars whose drivers were most likely to have a speeding ticket on their driving record.

The cars at the top of the list…well, let’s just say they shouldn’t surprise you. Young people tend to speed; driving enthusiasts tend to speed. Perhaps more importantly, law enforcement expects both subgroups to speed. The most frequent ticket-getters, then, tend to be affordable drivers’ cars — particularly those with a manual transmission. Below are the top five.

1. Subaru WRX – 20% of Drivers Have Speeding Violations

subaru wrx 2019 iihs safe top pick

Yes, the Subaru WRX is probably the first car you would have guessed. The stereotypical “Rex” driver would be a young guy wearing a backward hat and sporting a general demeanor of driving a little too aggressively. That stereotypical individual is not flying under the police radar — especially if his car has aggressive tinting, a bunch of JDM stickers and ungodly-ugly painted rims.

2. Scion FR-S – 19% of Drivers Have Speeding Violations


The Scion FR-S name may be gone, but it.s still sold as the Toyota 86 and the Subaru BRX. Scion was Toyota’s marque directed at “the youths” — in this case, youths who enjoy a well-balanced, sporty, rear-wheel-drive fastback coupe.

3. Volkswagen GTI – 17% of Drivers Have Speeding Violations

mk7 vw gti gear patrol lead full

The GTI is the discerning choice for a driver on a budget. Or, really, a driver on any budget. It’s that good. The red lipstick and flashy rims, alas, prevent this driver from passing for an ordinary, posted-speed-limit-observing hatchback driver.

4. Hyundai Genesis Coupe – 16% of Drivers Have Speeding Violations


Hyundai is probably not the first name that comes up when you think of “speed.” But this Hyundai had a six-speed manual, rear-wheel-drive, started at 210 horsepower and could be optioned up to a 348-hp 3.8-liter V6.

5. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited – 15% of Drivers Have Speeding Violations


The Wrangler Unlimited is the one surprise in the top five. It’s not a car for speed freaks. It’s not particularly affordable. For many people, it has become a modern equivalent to the family wagon. But, the Wrangler, unfortunately for its drivers, does stand out from the crowd — which likely draws the attention of the fuzz.

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