Argo 8×8 750HDi Amphibious Vehicle

Through the river and over the woods


We think the term “all terrain vehicle” is used a bit casually these days. Sure that 4×4 or side-by-side can go off-road, but anything too steep or deep and it quickly becomes dangerous or useless. That’s why we’re stoked about the Argo 8×8 750 HDi ($19,500) – an eight-wheel amphibious mutant that will dominate snow, mud, open water, and mountains without flinching. And it will do so while carrying up to six passengers or that elk you took down in Montana last year.

There are plenty of options for amphibious vehicles today (we’ve mentioned the Gibbs Quadski and Phibian Amphitruck), but few have this much power and versatility. Featuring a liquid-cooled 747cc, 31 horsepower Kohler Aegis engine, the 8×8 750HDi can lug up to 1,150 lbs. on land or 1,000 lbs. on water. There are also plenty of options for customizing the rig with everything from cabs and winches to snow tracks and storage, to fit any number of activities. We’re suckers for anything that’s equal parts useful, rugged, and convenient, and the Argo perfectly combines all three. She might not make lightspeed, but she’ll get you where you need to go.

Buy Now: $19,500

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