Today in Gear: July 8, 2016

The worst James Bond’s Rolex, a cast-iron Dutch oven, an eight-wheeled amphibious vehicle and much more.


Good morning and happy Friday. Ever the generous guy, Snoop Dogg just gifted recent NBA retiree Kobe Bryant with an L.A. Lakers-themed classic convertible. It’s done up in requisite purple and golden yellow, but we’re having a hard time figuring out exactly what car it is, though we’re leaning toward mid-’60s Pontiac Bonneville. Any ideas? Pop over to our Facebook page and let us know. Man-crush gifts aside, here’s what’s good in gear: the worst James Bond’s Rolex, a cast-iron Dutch oven, an eight-wheeled amphibious vehicle and much more.

And here are some fresh stories to start the day.

Bottle Opener by Gear Patrol × Machine Era Co.


You’ve scored yourself a perfect beer, so now it’s time for an opener worthy of the task. This summer we’ve teamed up with Machine Era for a special-edition bottle opener. Made in the USA from cold-formed steel, our opener features an exclusive finish and etching, and hangs on a custom orange leather strap. At 5 ounces, it’s hefty in the hand and weighted just right.

Buy Now: $30

At Auction: Custom Rolex from ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’


Regardless of what you think of George Lazenby’s Bond (he’s tied for worst, FYI), the chance to own a Rolex worn onscreen by the most notorious spy in the history of film is a very special chance indeed. This example is custom: instead of a stainless steel seconds hand, the little ticker is a bold crimson. The highest bidder will also receive the original watch invoice, addressed to EON Productions, which dryly features the description: “This is the watch for James Bond.” Happy bidding, and do try to bring it back in one piece.

Learn More: Here

Amphibious LX 8×8 ATV by Argo


Holy crap is this thing awesome. Eight driven wheels that turn like a tank. The vehicle can climb, it can traverse rough terrain; most importantly, it can swim. The four-cycle V-twin engine moves this sucker at up to 25 mph on land, and does a killer job in the wet too.

Buy Now: $26,000

Readymade Weekend Dutch Oven by Ukiyo Home


We love ramen here at GP (see the Instagram post below), which means we’re into most anything that comes from ramen’s birthplace, Fukuoka, Japan. Like this cast-iron Dutch oven, hand built in Japan and good for indoor or outdoor use. Its 6.2-pound weight keeps things sturdy as hell — and will for a long time to come.

Buy Now: $255

Special Fabrics Series Luggage by J.P.L.C.


The first and second items in this luggage series are totes made of deadstock Czech Army canvas and deadstock Swiss wool. The canvas bag’s material was originally used in the ’50s; the wool was produced up through the ’80s and is matched with black Horween leather details. They’re three-way totes, meaning you can carry as a tote, a rucksack (with the included shoulder straps) or by hand.

Buy Now: $450

All-New XT-2 24MP & 4K Camera by Fujifilm


Fujifilm’s vaunted XT-1 just got a similarly handsome, more impressive brother. The XT-2 camera body adds a 24.3MP sensor to the mix. Autofocus is improved: 91 zone focus points accompany 325 single points. The XT-2 will shoot 4K video, too. The 2.36 million-dot OLED viewfinder sits above a tilting three-inch display; there are two SD card slots and USC 3.0 connectivity as well.

Buy Now: $1,600

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